There are four versions of The Vicious Worm

  1. Download the WINDOWS version here.

    Please note – the software package is quite large, 121MB.
    The file downloaded is a zip file. Clicking through should be straightforward, but if you encounter any problems, contact us!
    Also, please refer to guidelines and requirements for how to download, install and run The Vicious Worm.

  2. Download the MAC VErsion here.

    We have tested the version, but still encourage users to contact us if you encounter any problems with the software.
    Please note – the software package is quite large, 110MB.
    The file downloaded is zip file which contain a Mac OSX dmg file, disk image. Installing should be straightforward for Mac users, but if you encounter any problems, contact us!

  3. For smartphone versions, ANDROID

  4. iPhone/iPad iOS

    Visit the Google Play store or the iTunes / Mac App Store. Click the buttons here below.



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